Team President, grounds crew and front office involved in the Friday night incident

(Joliet, IL) – Joliet Slammers Professional Baseball has gone viral.

A video broadcasted and recorded on the Slammers’ Ustream channel Friday night of the team’s front office and grounds crew taking on one of the most severe thunderstorms to ever hit the area now has nearly half a million views on the team’s YouTube page.

Luckily no one was hurt and within less than 24 hours the video had been picked up by Deadspin, Yahoo, USA Today, FOX News Report and ABC 7 among others.

But the video alone does not tell the whole story of what’s being called “Tarpocalypse 2012.”

Slammers’ team president Bill Waliewski was on the field helping try to get the tarp under control. But he ended up getting stuck under the tarp as it flew across the infield. Promotions Director Kelli Drechsel noticed that Waliewski had disappeared and immediately took charge, alerting others of the situation. The crew was able to get him out from under the tarp with some assistance from one of the team’s pitchers: Jake Renshaw.

The game was, of course, called on the account of the severe weather, with the Slammers losing by a score of 7-4. But in this case, the final score didn’t matter. Thanks to some quick thinking and teamwork, everyone on the grounds crew and in the Slammers’ front office survived Tarpocalypse 2012 with no injuries. All fans who attended the game can redeem their ticket for a future game of their choice.

Most Slammers games don’t end in torrential storms. The team returns home Tuesday for six games at the yard, three of which feature spectacular fireworks shows. Fans can get tickets by calling 815-722-2287 or by visiting

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